Finally Understand All Your Data


Unify data from multiple platforms in one spot.

AI Insights

Get actionable insights and recommendations


Build tables and graphs and easily export these.


Send a simple prompt on Slack, email or on ChattingWithData

Integrated Platforms

Quickly and effortlessly connect your preferred online marketing tools to our platform. Whether you’re focused on one platform or managing several, we’ve got you covered.

Get answers to questions like “Which of my ads on Facebook and Google should get a different daily budget, and why?”

Many more connections to come


And 20+ more to come

Interactive and Visual Reporting

The responses of ChatWithData are based on real data. For every prompt answer you get a table and a graph that you can adjust to your liking. Easily change the graph into a bar or pie chart. You can filter, select reporting type and highlight.

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Great for individuals or small teams. Chat with 1 source at a time


Access to All Connectors


Chat with 1 Connector at a Time


1,000 Sent Messages/Month


1 User Seat



Made for growing businesses. Chat with 3 sources at the same time


Access to All Connectors


Chat with 3 Connectors at a Time


5,000 Sent Messages/Month


5 User Seats



Unbeatable for big companies. Chat with 5 sources at once, and no message limits


Access to All Connectors


Chat with 5 Connectors at a Time


Unlimited Sent Messages/Month


10 User Seats


Access to All Connectors

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does ChattingWithData Differ From Other Tools?

We don’t just present data; we interpret it, offering actionable insights and recommendations via a user-friendly chat interface.

Can I Integrate Multiple Platforms?

Yes, you can connect various online marketing tools to get a comprehensive view of your data landscape.

What Does "Chat with 1 Source at a Time" Mean?

This means that in the Starter plan, you can query and analyze data from one connected platform at a time. Using multiple sources at the same time allows the system to compare and provide recommendations and insights for the collection of datapoints. 

Are There Any Message Limitations?

Yes, each plan has its own message limitations except for the Elite plan. For example, the Starter plan has a 1,000 sent messages/month cap.


What Platforms Can I Integrate?

We will offer a wide range of platforms, including Facebook, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok, Google Search Console, Active Campaign, WordPress, Shopify and more. At the moment it only includes GA4. 

How Do I Get Started?

Create your account and select one of the plans available. After that you can connect your prefered data sources and you’re good to go! 

Can I cancel the subscription?

We offer monthly or yearly plans. This allows you to choose what suits you best. The monthly subscription is priced slightly higher but offers more flexibility to cancel. 

Can I request data sources?

Certainly. Feel free to reach out to us to integrate other data sources. If the audience for it is large enough, we’ll implement it.


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